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To Taste, or Not To Taste?

T  is for Taramasalata (or Taramosalata.)

Mediterranean food has some wonderful dishes – the aroma of spices, such as oregano, combined with some pure olive oil and lemon makes my mouth water. Sometimes with family and friends, I will celebrate a special occasion at our favourite Greek restaurant. I almost always order the chicken souvlaki with roasted potatoes and greek salad,  and finished off with baklava, a sliver of walnut pastry oozing in honey for desert. My favourite! 😛 As we sit and enjoy our meals, we often discuss trying saganaki, a cheese dish that is set on fire, but none of us are brave enough. I have tried gyros, keftedes, moussaka, and spanakopita and found them very enjoyable. I tend to shy away from the ‘fishier’ dishes, though. Calamari and octopus give me the creeps. Perhaps that is also why I have never tried the dip known as taramasalata.

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Really, That Rare?

R  is for Rarebit.

Here is my attempt at a Welsh Rabbit. Though it looks a little funny, it was delish! ;P

image  image

I remember as a child sitting in front of the television watching Sesame Street after school and nibbling on my favourite snack, grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in ketchup. Our black lab, Trixie, often helped me finish them by licking the crumbs off the plate. Sometimes, she would eat the whole thing in a gulp before I could get to it. I would be left with only a puddle of drool on the plate, distracted as I was by the images and songs on the screen. Dog scolded and another plate later, I would eat the second before she could get at it, faster and often resulting in a stomach ache.  Neither of us could help it. The combination of bread, butter and melted cheddar oozing together with a slight crunch was just that good!

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[That’s The Way The] Cookie Crumbles!

Cis for Cookie.

Grandma made the most wonderful shortbread cookies. Their buttery creaminess would melt in your mouth. Yet, what made them even more special, was that she topped each one with either a red or green cherry. Our tastebuds got to play with both sweet and tart. We savoured the crunch of the fruit before it burst, it’s juices melding with the soft crumble of golden goodness.

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