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Winning at Whisking.

W  is for Whist.

As a child, one of the first games I remember playing was Go Fish or Old Maid. It was a fun way to learn how to count and make patterns. Later on, games became fun in a more competitive way. My friends and I would try to prove our intelligence using strategy. In high – school we often spent our lunch hour playing cards. Sometimes it was crazy eights countdown, sometimes president,but the favourite seemed to be hearts, a game similar to Euchre, but that I could never quite understand. At holiday dinners, my cousins tried teaching me how to use bidding in games. Never good at math, I’d become easily confused trying to keep track of suits and tricks and plan my moves. Despite this, I still played and am considered a good sport. Perhaps Whist is the card game I can learn to enjoy.

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O, The Ones Who Are Forgotten.

Ois for Oubliette.

I enjoy reading and watching stories in the fantasy genre, particularly if there is a Medieval aspect to them. There is always the romance, the hero’s challenge and a rescue. Some might say that the dragon is a scary feat for the knight to face, but I can think of something more terrifying. It comes in the form of a dungeon.  Yes, I know when you compare them dragons are all scaly and big and fire breathing, and the dungeon seems like just a far off room. The kind of dungeon I’m referring to, however, is not your friend if you have a fear of tight spaces or being buried alive.

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