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Mis for Meditation.

Just breathe. It can be difficult to do in our daily lives with stress from work piling up as we try to beat the clock and fit everything in. Our thoughts might race around much like we do from home to the office to the various family activities and obligations.  If you’re like me, maybe you’ve thought about trying meditation before, but weren’t sure how to begin, if you were doing it right or had problems quieting your mind. That’s okay. The important thing to remember is “it’s called practice for a reason.” (Miracles Now, p. 13)

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Introducing an Interesting Art Form!

I  is for Intaglio.

I remember in elementary school learning about how the Inuit told stories by carving into soapstone. I was fascinated by the figures that came out smooth with hints of green, grey or brown in that beautiful rock. In art class we got to make our own engravings in a bar of Ivory soap. Somehow it wasn’t quite the same, but our hands smelled good after. One of my friend’s grandfathers made beautiful carvings of nature from wood, often of birds and very lifelike.  I have great appreciation for the detail that goes into creating through a sort of recycling, turning one thing into another by etching and picking away until the image reveals itself. I wish I had that talent. For now, I will content myself with learning about the process.

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Hello, What’s That Weird Noise?

His for Hiccups (Hiccoughs.)

Everyone has done it. Perhaps it was after enjoying a large meal and eating too fast. Maybe you got over excited or nervous and started laughing hysterically without pausing for breath. Is there a reason for that odd little squeaky, suction cup – short of breath sound we make? Often difficult to get rid of and a source of great amusement to our friends, there are many myths and folktales surrounding why we do it.  A list at shares some of them:

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Gorgeous Gallopers!

Gis for Giraffes.

My mother’s favourite animal was the giraffe. It’s one of mine too. I think that perhaps the members of our family, lacking in the height gene, have a bit of ‘longitudinal envy.’ Giraffes have those beautiful, unique patterns that just tempt you to run your fingers along all those squiggly lines, like finding your way through a maze. Also, who can resist those beautiful, gentle, doe – like eyes? They stare at you as the animal gracefully bends its long neck down to meet you halfway in greeting. Giraffes are one of the many gorgeous and unique creatures that wander our planet, and loving them, I thought I would share what else I find fascinating about them.

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Fis for Flowers.

My mother used to find great joy in tending her garden, now it is mine to make beautiful once again. As the weather becomes warmer, and spring rains bring new life, I get excited to see the beauty of new buds blossoming. Together, Dad and I will go to the greenhouse to pick out and buy enough plants to fill a wheelbarrow. Then, after combing the rake through fresh dirt, I will get to designate what kaleidoscopic pattern the flowers should lay in so they can best reflect all the colours of the rainbow. Mom’s favourites were violets representing modesty and faithfulness, as well as daisies for their innocence and purity. My favourites are light pink roses and daisies, while my birth flower is a marigold. Perhaps, this year I’ll design the garden with a secret message.

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[That’s The Way The] Cookie Crumbles!

Cis for Cookie.

Grandma made the most wonderful shortbread cookies. Their buttery creaminess would melt in your mouth. Yet, what made them even more special, was that she topped each one with either a red or green cherry. Our tastebuds got to play with both sweet and tart. We savoured the crunch of the fruit before it burst, it’s juices melding with the soft crumble of golden goodness.

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Baby Steps

Bis for Beginnings.

I’m new at this blogging thing. The very idea of putting myself out there, of actually publishing something for others to scrutinize, terrifies me. Yes, I’ve always dreamed of seeing my words in print someday, but I also assumed that day would be far in the future. You see, I have a problem.  I’m a writer who suffers from dwelling in procrastination because I insist on perfection before anyone should read the gibberish I’ve managed to scribble down. Those nasty voices inside my head just won’t let go. Listening to their screeches in the background, I freeze; I block, and I stare at a blank screen. I grow tired of this fight and have decided to do something about it. The A – to – Z Challenge seems like the perfect opportunity to defeat this monster. So world, here I am!

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(We Are Not) Amused! Or Are We?

A  is for April Fools!

I love reading comics for the inside joke or ‘punchline’ making commentary on today’s society and world.  I’m not one who can come up with a good joke easily or ideas for a prank, but if you ask me to participate, as long as no real harm is done, I will. I remember the pranks we used to play as kids at sleepovers. A popular one was waiting for someone to fall asleep and sticking their hand in cold water or drawing ‘makeup’ on their face with markers. I always tried my hardest not to be the first to slumber. I will try to be a good sport when I’ve been made a ‘fool’ as long as the joke isn’t cruel or disgusting. Fair warning, though, if you do plan to pull a prank on me, I will at some point make an attempt to get you back, and the best part is, you won’t know when it’s coming. 😉

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A-to-Z Challenge 2015 Theme Reveal


New to the blogging world, I am excited by the possibilities that A – to – Z brings with letter prompts.

As a participant, I am promising to write a post each day, with the exception of Sundays, and moving throughout the letters of the alphabet.

Sunny Side Up is about happiness and gratitude, and so it makes sense to choose a theme based on something that I am both grateful for and brings me joy. Again, there are so many possibilities.  I could write about family, food, or creativity, for example. If I wanted to be all inclusive, I could find a way to write about all of them. The problem is – how to narrow it down?

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Welcome to Sunny Side Up!


Welcome to my blog!

Sometimes we need an escape from the daily stresses of life. All those little things that seem to pile up and draw on our last nerve:

  • that looming deadline,
  • the rude person who cut you off in rush hour this morning,
  • your son needs help with his math homework, and you could swear it’s in a foreign language,
  • the delivery man always seems to come when you aren’t home,
  • you’ve raced the kids around to their various after school activities,
  • they didn’t get your order right at the coffee shop again,
  • and all your favourite television shows are in re – runs.

It can be exhausting! You know these things need dealing with. Yet, what you really want to do is to crawl into a warm bath, maybe listen to some soft music and forget the pressures of everyone else’s needs being screamed at you.

My hope is that Sunny Side Up will give you a moment’s respite from all of that. Here I will discuss things that I find adorable, amusing, interesting, and joyful. I will share moments of appreciation and gratitude. Whether the posts take the form of a video, photos, quotes or words, I hope that you find intrigue and inspiration.

Here’s to your bliss,


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