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New Chapter Books to Get SUPER HAPPY About (plus a giveaway!)

This new series sounds super cute and as a writer for children I can’t wait to check them out.

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

Hey, do you know what time it is?


That’s right, it’s yay o’clock!

And you know what that means, don’t you?

It’s time to meet the SUPER HAPPY PARTY BEARS!


Welcome to the Grumpy Woods!

Just kidding. No one is welcome here.

No, I’m just kidding again. That’s how these brand-spanking new chapter books begin. See, you’re already laughing three sentences in.

So let me present a more welcoming welcome.

The SUPER HAPPY PARTY BEARS are unlike anything you’ve seen in a chapter book series. Firstly, they are not some formula regurgitated in rainbow, written by an illusive nom-de-plume. No! These are the first books by up-and-coming author Marcie Colleen. In addition to this series, Marcie has the picture book LOVE, TRIANGLE releasing next year with Bob Shea (BOB SHEA, PEOPLE!!!) and THE ADVENTURE OF THE PENGUINAUT is blasting off soon, too.

Next, these books feature adorable, full color illustrations…

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O, The Ones Who Are Forgotten.

Ois for Oubliette.

I enjoy reading and watching stories in the fantasy genre, particularly if there is a Medieval aspect to them. There is always the romance, the hero’s challenge and a rescue. Some might say that the dragon is a scary feat for the knight to face, but I can think of something more terrifying. It comes in the form of a dungeon.  Yes, I know when you compare them dragons are all scaly and big and fire breathing, and the dungeon seems like just a far off room. The kind of dungeon I’m referring to, however, is not your friend if you have a fear of tight spaces or being buried alive.

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Nemo’s Nemesis?

N is for Nautilus.

Some of you may have never heard of this amazing undersea animal. For those who have heard the word before, perhaps you only know it from its association in literature as Captain Nemo‘s ship in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, written in 1870 by Jules Verne. Check out this beautiful, relaxing video as an introduction to this unique shelled being.

I have always been fascinated by the continuing spiral pattern found on the inside of this creature’s shell and what it is thought to represent. The myths, legends and symbolism attributed to it never really occurred to me before. As someone who enjoyed playing on the beach and collecting shells, I just enjoyed the nautilus for the tiger striped pattern on the outside and the pearlescent beauty hidden beneath. More intriguing, I think, is that these creatures have been around for over 500 million years!

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Fis for Flowers.

My mother used to find great joy in tending her garden, now it is mine to make beautiful once again. As the weather becomes warmer, and spring rains bring new life, I get excited to see the beauty of new buds blossoming. Together, Dad and I will go to the greenhouse to pick out and buy enough plants to fill a wheelbarrow. Then, after combing the rake through fresh dirt, I will get to designate what kaleidoscopic pattern the flowers should lay in so they can best reflect all the colours of the rainbow. Mom’s favourites were violets representing modesty and faithfulness, as well as daisies for their innocence and purity. My favourites are light pink roses and daisies, while my birth flower is a marigold. Perhaps, this year I’ll design the garden with a secret message.

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(We Are Not) Amused! Or Are We?

A  is for April Fools!

I love reading comics for the inside joke or ‘punchline’ making commentary on today’s society and world.  I’m not one who can come up with a good joke easily or ideas for a prank, but if you ask me to participate, as long as no real harm is done, I will. I remember the pranks we used to play as kids at sleepovers. A popular one was waiting for someone to fall asleep and sticking their hand in cold water or drawing ‘makeup’ on their face with markers. I always tried my hardest not to be the first to slumber. I will try to be a good sport when I’ve been made a ‘fool’ as long as the joke isn’t cruel or disgusting. Fair warning, though, if you do plan to pull a prank on me, I will at some point make an attempt to get you back, and the best part is, you won’t know when it’s coming. 😉

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