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To Taste, or Not To Taste?

on April 23, 2015

T  is for Taramasalata (or Taramosalata.)

Mediterranean food has some wonderful dishes – the aroma of spices, such as oregano, combined with some pure olive oil and lemon makes my mouth water. Sometimes with family and friends, I will celebrate a special occasion at our favourite Greek restaurant. I almost always order the chicken souvlaki with roasted potatoes and greek salad,  and finished off with baklava, a sliver of walnut pastry oozing in honey for desert. My favourite! 😛 As we sit and enjoy our meals, we often discuss trying saganaki, a cheese dish that is set on fire, but none of us are brave enough. I have tried gyros, keftedes, moussaka, and spanakopita and found them very enjoyable. I tend to shy away from the ‘fishier’ dishes, though. Calamari and octopus give me the creeps. Perhaps that is also why I have never tried the dip known as taramasalata.

What is taramasalata?

  • From the Modern Greek for tarama,meaning ‘cod’s roe’ and salata meaning ‘salad.’
  • Greek dip or paste, served as an appetizer.
  • Creamy beige or pale pink in colour, depending on the roe used.
  • Made from: roe of either grey mullet, smoked cod, or sometimes carp.
  • Mixed with bread crumbs, lemon juice, and olive oil.
  • Sometimes vinegar, onion, and/or milk are added. Mashed potato can be substituted for bread.

A Caveat – some mass produced taramasalata found in stores can appear overly bright pink because it has been dyed. tells a wonderful story about the origins of the spread, giving it a sense of place in the home and includes a recipe, here:

For your entertainment and another recipe, please enjoy this video:



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