Sunny Side Up

Gratitude & Happiness

A-to-Z Challenge 2015 Theme Reveal

on March 31, 2015


New to the blogging world, I am excited by the possibilities that A – to – Z brings with letter prompts.

As a participant, I am promising to write a post each day, with the exception of Sundays, and moving throughout the letters of the alphabet.

Sunny Side Up is about happiness and gratitude, and so it makes sense to choose a theme based on something that I am both grateful for and brings me joy. Again, there are so many possibilities.  I could write about family, food, or creativity, for example. If I wanted to be all inclusive, I could find a way to write about all of them. The problem is – how to narrow it down?

In choosing, I decided it was best to keep it simple. I went for something that I have always been drawn to, been delighted in and a continual participant in, learning.

I have always been grateful to live in a country where we have the freedom to learn and pursue our goals and dreams.  As a child, I could not wait to get my hands on the next book from the library. I enjoyed digging my hands through dirt while studying the scientific processes of plants, making a mess in the kitchen while learning measurements, and running my fingers through colour splotches to see how the different textures appeared on paper.

Now, I still enjoy some of those things, though the activities are a little more organized. I still read a lot and I keep my brain happy by doing puzzles in the newspaper. Writing makes me keenly aware of my senses, and there is always something to spark my interest. The process of learning allows me to look forward to new challenges and be thrilled by the discoveries.

As I make my way through the alphabet, sharing what I’ve learned and am learning, I hope you find something new too.

Here’s to finding joy in learning together!


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