Sunny Side Up

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Welcome to Sunny Side Up!

on March 30, 2015


Welcome to my blog!

Sometimes we need an escape from the daily stresses of life. All those little things that seem to pile up and draw on our last nerve:

  • that looming deadline,
  • the rude person who cut you off in rush hour this morning,
  • your son needs help with his math homework, and you could swear it’s in a foreign language,
  • the delivery man always seems to come when you aren’t home,
  • you’ve raced the kids around to their various after school activities,
  • they didn’t get your order right at the coffee shop again,
  • and all your favourite television shows are in re – runs.

It can be exhausting! You know these things need dealing with. Yet, what you really want to do is to crawl into a warm bath, maybe listen to some soft music and forget the pressures of everyone else’s needs being screamed at you.

My hope is that Sunny Side Up will give you a moment’s respite from all of that. Here I will discuss things that I find adorable, amusing, interesting, and joyful. I will share moments of appreciation and gratitude. Whether the posts take the form of a video, photos, quotes or words, I hope that you find intrigue and inspiration.

Here’s to your bliss,



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